The Best Ski Gadgets of 2019

GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro’s newest wearable video camera is waterproof down to 33 feet, and guaranteed fall resistant, so you can drop it in the snow, step on it with your skis or drop it down a 1,000 foot vertical. You’ll still have a camera to record all your master jumps and spins because this device is as tough as they come. Along with its always reliable durability, GoPro has greatly improved the camera’s video quality so that the picture remains stable against high impact movement, like wobbles and sudden jolts. Another addition to the Hero7 is built in voice communication. 16 different voice commands allow the wearer to take photos or videos right in the moment, so you’ll never miss the one great shot. In an upgrade from the Hero 6, now users can live stream their adventures and share them with loved ones! For the same $399 as the Hero6, this gadget is a steal.

Glade Challenger Lenses

Glade Challenger Lenses are ultra-impressive quality at a much lower price than most ski goggles at $80 - $90. All of Glade’s lenses are % 100 anti scratch, anti-fog, and are tailor made for the light you’ll be skiing in. The PhotoChromatic Flux Lenses takes the cake for its innovative riff on a useful product. Glade’s photochromatic goggles adjust to the light balance of your surroundings, doing the job of many googles for one price point. Some of Glade’s other lenses are their polarized silver and orange low-light lenses, which both enhance the contrast of your vision and allow for a clearer picture without any lense pieces blocking your view.

Rossignol and PIQ Wearable Ski Tracker

An app that lets you track your ski stats and also gives your your own profile, the Rossignol is perfect for avid skiers who want to improve their skills. This tracker measures angle, transition, torque and speed among many other things  The tracker straps onto your ski boots so you can focus on the best jumps and turns, and then you can check the app after to view how you performed. This device is also waterproof and holds battery for up to 6 hours. If you need to charge up, simply plug the tracker into its portable charger and continue improving your technique and confidence on the slopes.

POQ Auric Communication

POC Auric Communication Helmet lets users groove out to their favorite tunes as they’re skiing, in case you were looking for any more entertainment than the curves and swerves of the mountain ahead of you. The helmet also includes a mic so you can chat with your friends or family as you’re riding. Two adjustable flaps hang down from the helmet, where the earphones sit in the fabric. The helmet is waterproof and you can adjust the ventilation to decrease airflow from cold wind or increase airflow during intense exercise. A removable clip hooks on to your goggles so everything fits together nicely, while internal padding guarantees nothing will irritate your head. All in all, this helmet is as protective and practical as it gets.

Hyperice Hypervolt

We all know that all that athletic endurance can be exhausting, so this review wouldn’t be complete without a great little massager to soothe sore muscles after skiing. Even though this won’t help you on the mountain, self care is just as important as having fun. With 3 high speed settings and up to 3,200 beats per minute, Hypervolt’s head swivels to reach all the painful spots that you worked hard while on the mountain, and is very easy to use on yourself because of its long neck and wide handle. This device is specifically designed to aid recovery from intense sports by increasing blood flow to worn out muscles and can also be good before skiing, to warm up your muscles before they start working and to prevent a sport-related injury. Indulge yourself a little with this wonderful body massager - you deserve it!